Exploring the sociodigital dimensions of automated decision-making

By Francesco Amato

Have you ever wondered about the social implications of automated decision-making systems?

In recent years, automated decision-making systems powered by artificial intelligence have become increasingly widespread. These systems have the power to make choices that affect various aspects of our lives, from job applications to loan approvals. It is therefore essential to examine and evaluate their social impact to ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability. (more…)

Participatory Futuring: Why futures matter in times of uncertainty

by Helen Manchester

In early November I had the pleasure of presenting at the national Locality Convention. Locality, one of the Centre’s strategic partners, is a member organisation with over 1500 members, many of them community anchor organisations who work with minoritised communities across the UK.

I had the pleasure of presenting alongside inspiring speakers LaKisha Williams, David Nugent, Afka Ray and Makala Cheung.

Through my research I come in to contact with many community-sector leaders. When I ask them about how they feel about the future they tell me they work in the immediate present, reactive to the communities that they serve in real time, dealing with complex issues immediately – not 6 or even 3 months down the line.

So why do we, in the Centre for Sociodigital Futures, think futures matter? (more…)

Thinking Futures – Sociodigital Futures in the making

In November 2023 we had the pleasure of holding a public event discussing and demonstrating some of the emerging ideas and tech associated with sociodigital futures. Having recently joined the Centre as Senior Communications Officer, I was fascinated to hear how speakers would communicate their sometimes-complex ideas to a public audience. (more…)

Caring in/with intangible environments

by Lisa May Thomas and Debbie Watson

In late October 2023 Lisa May Thomas and Debbie Watson took a VR workshop to the Situated Caring Ecologies conference at Portsmouth University. This was part of a themed section / series of talks, for which the title was ‘sticking with the dance, caring over time’. The two workshops were short, twenty minutes long, with up to eight participants in each.  (more…)

Repurposing ‘trove’: space, times and bodies 

Trove is a physical and digital tool that enables children and young people to be in control of their own life story. It combines a multi-media storying app and bag designed for adding stories to objects. Keeping safe the objects and their connected stories, trove uses simple digital technologies to bring them back to life, time after time. CenSoF Senior Research Associate, Lisa May Thomas, explains how she – together with fellow University of Bristol researcher Dr Stuart Gray – took trove to the Abrechian woodland activity centre in the forest near to Loch Ness and Inverness earlier this year.


Exploring the Sociodigital Dimensions of Automated Decision-Making

by Amato Francesco, Federico II University of Naples, Italy

Have you ever wondered about the social implications of automated decision-making systems? How do these digital technologies shape our lives and impact individuals and society as a whole? I am a PhD Student at the University of Naples Federico II in Social and Statistical Sciences, and I’ve been visiting the ESRC Centre for Sociodigital Futures (CenSoF) for 6 months (March-August 2022). (more…)

Exploring sociodigital futures

by Susan Halford and Dale Southerton

Digital technologies, devices and data are woven into the fabric of contemporary societies. The social and digital are co-evolving in a sociodigital world. Social Scientists are very good at understanding changes that have taken place to date. The more critical question, however, is how to understand sociodigital futures and what might be done to tip these towards fairer and more inclusive ways of life. (more…)